Which way’s Brooklyn?

The chinwagge team was wandering around post-industrial Dogpatch on Sunday in pursuit of random beauty, camera at the ready. We turned onto 20th @ Illinois and suddenly found ourselves on a street that hadn’t quite made the transition. It was all disused factories and boarded up buildings. But some of the buildings were so majestic, with grand portals hinting at a splendid past, this one especially so. It put us in mind of Brooklyn because the subject just has this undeniably East Coast vibe to him.

Take-away? There is so much unexpected beauty in San Francisco.

Which way is Brooklyn?

Photo taken by Irys Kornbluth.


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  1. Irys Tuesday November 12, 2013 at 9:08 am #

    So true! Something about the way he is smoking that cigarette says “New Yorker.” This was so much fun. We definitely did discover some cool landscapes this weekend!

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