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If you are at all like me, your thirst for new skincare options is as bottomless and insatiable as your love of new shoes. I’m always looking for the NEXT BIG THING. So even when I feel I’m using the best serum/eye creme/cleanser ever, if I find a new product that I like, I slowly work it into my collection. That’s what happened recently with Tata Harper. Tata Harper? I hear you say to yourself quizzically. That doesn’t really sound like a high-end, purifying, youth-glow inducing skincare brand. It sounds more like a new age meditation philosophy or an organic micro-brewery such as one might find in Portland. That notwithstanding, Tata Harper is in fact an extremely effective, high-end, purifying, youth-glow inducing skincare brand. t h formulae

The differentiators of this brand are as follows:

1. 100% natural, non-toxic ingredients containing high concentrations of active ingredients. The products are carefully made in small batches, which means that they don’t have a long shelf-life.

2.  Everything is made in-house at Tata Harper’s laboratory. Why is this a big deal? Because the vast majority of skincare lines today outsource not only the manufacturing of the products but also the formulation. This often means that the consumer ends up with a sterile, machine-made product.To  ensure that only the finest ingredients are used, many of the ingredients (such as meadowsweet and borage) are grown at the family’s 1200 acre, organically-certified farm in Vermont.

3. The founder of the eponymous brand is an industrial engineer with no background in skincare. tata-harper-skinSomehow I imagine that her “outsider perspective” is a big part of what makes her line stand out in a field  chock-a-block with well-financed competition. It also doesn’t hurt that she glows with health and vitality. Here is Tata at work on her farm.

Of course, the only way to truly appreciate how gorgeous and effective these products are is to try them. I love am bonkers about the Rejuvenating Serum and the Resurfacing Mask. They smell amazing and you can feel the beneficial effects on your skin immediately.  Tata Harper is artisanal craftsmanship at its best.

Available online and at Neiman Marcus.

Images used with the kind permission of Tata’s Natural Alchemy, LLC. 

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