Midnight is the New Navy

At some point in my fashion odyssey, I picked up and held onto the notion that wearing black AND navy blue in the same outfit was a major fashion faux pas. And while that may still be true with the old navy, it certainly isn’t the case, when it comes to Midnight. Over the last couple of years, Midnight has quietly inched its way into the spotlight, especially in the world of high-end accessories. It’s not quite navy blue. It’s richer and warmer. So much warmer, in fact, that rather than competing with black, it softens and enhances it. They work really well together. Case in point, my blue-black-brown Celine go-to work bag and these ultra-feminine pointy-toe kitten heels:

Celine tote

Oh, and just a quick note about the suit: It’s a perfect illustration of the ONE GOOD SUIT concept. You know, if you have a somewhat, shall we say, circumscribed budget you should buy ONE GOOD SUIT rather than 3 inexpensive throw-aways? Jennifer Garner touched on this in her recently-acquired role as spokeswoman for Max Mara. Ms. Garner explained that she has been a long time Max Mara customer despite the fact that when she bought her first pieces they were seemingly way beyond her means. When Ms. Garner first started getting serious about auditioning in her early 20’s, she purchased a simple A line cashmere skirt and a cropped cashmere sweater  from Max Mara. They cost a month’s waitressing salary but she felt pulled together, wealthy and confident in the outfit and so wore it to EVERY audition. I believe it goes without saying that the outfit paid for itself over time.

My story is similar.

I purchased this suit 18 years ago when I first arrived in California as a fresh-faced law graduate from Nigeria. I had taken the California bar and had 4 months to wait for the results. 4 months of relentless networking (I knew no-one in the profession when I arrived here) which would hopefully lead to job interviews. The suit was marked down 50% but still claimed a sizeable portion of the savings I brought with me from Nigeria. It became my interview suit.  I wore it exclusively for interviews. When I finally landed a job, I wore it for networking and other formal events. About 3 years ago, I took it to my dressmaker and asked her to modernize it. She promptly shortened the sleeves, replaced the buttons (gotta love Britex), and right there, the suit was ready for its next decade of making me look good. So, I strongly endorse the ONE GOOD SUIT concept.


DogpatchBlue Hand

Suit: Max Mara

Tote: Celine

Earrings: Mikimoto

Ring: Vintage

Shoes: Prada

Shell: Wolford

Nail Polish: After School Boy Blazer by Essie

Lipstick: Black Rasberry by Bobbi Brown

Sunglasses: Bottega Veneta

Photos taken by Irys Kornbluth

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  1. Dorothy Stewart Thursday November 14, 2013 at 9:55 am #

    Love it. Gotta have that nail polish. At least I can afford that much of the outfit!

  2. Peace Wednesday November 20, 2013 at 10:32 pm #

    Beautiful ring!

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